Piknik started with a simple question – “Where can I get a salad sandwich?” This humble craving sparked the idea for the Gold Coast’s newest plant-based sandwich shop on Deodar Drive in Burleigh Heads. Lining the cabinet, you’ll find an array of fresh sandwiches including the one that started it all – The Burleigh Basic (lettuce, beetroot, carrot, avocado, tomato, cucumber, sprouts, red onion and a swathe of relish) alongside The Scrambled Tofu, which is Piknik’s take on the egg-and-lettuce combo. Those who prefer their sandwiches toasted can sink their teeth into meat-free morsels including The JT Special (tomato, spinach, pineapple, vegan cheese and barbecue sauce) and The Beans In Toast (house-made beans, cheese, onions and spinach). Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy The Sweetie, a decadent combination of peanut butter, banana, jam and hemp seeds. Piknik uses a combination of The Paddock Bakery and The Bread Social for the all-important base. Wash it down with a smoothie or a Julius Meinl coffee on your favourite milk-alternative. Heading out for a picnic? Pop in and pre-order your Piknik box to enjoy on the hill or keep an eye on DoorDash as they’ll pop-up there oh-so-soon.


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