In carbs we crust – five garlic bread recipes inspired by the world’s most beloved loaf

In carbs we crust – five garlic bread recipes inspired by the world’s most beloved loaf

We don’t mean to exaggerate, but here at The Weekend Edition, we would lay down our lives for garlic bread*. It’s more than a side dish or a mop for the bolognese that gets left behind in the bottom of the bowl – it’s the glue that holds society together. From those who need a little more pep with their pizza order through to the staunch vegetarians with little else to eat at a party, the Golden Loaf is the one thing that will blow up the skirt of even the fussiest eater. It unites gourmands and bogans alike with its crunch, softness and flavour profile – garlic bread knows not of the perils of a class divide. Anyway, you didn’t come here for an essay on garlic bread – you came here to find ways to get a bit jazzy with it, so let’s dive in! Behold, our five favourite ways to level up your GB experience.

Garlic bread grilled cheese
Those clever devils at Bon Appetit have gone ahead and made the humble grilled cheese (a culinary staple in its own right) into a turbo toastie with this tasty little number. The secret to success with this bad boy is patience – once you have loaded your bread with garlic, you may be tempted to go hell for leather and smash the heat up to cook your grilled cheese fast. Slow down, cowboy! Cooking at a moderate heat will ensure your cheese goes perfectly gooey while your bread casing remains un-charred. Keen to reenact one of the most visually appealing scenes in modern cinema? Head here for the recipe.
Image: Heami Lee for Bon Appetit

Garlic bread potato bake
If this heading made your heart skip a beat, congratulations! You are a person of fine taste. This recipe has combined two of the most comforting dishes in existence to create a carby union that could probably yield world peace. A smooth, creamy potato bake is topped with devilishly crispy garlic croutons and then baked together to form a two-layer triumph. The finishing touch? A layer of cheddar on top becomes the cheesy, crunchy crown to this absolute king of a dish. Find the recipe at Taste.
Image: Nigel Lough for Taste

Cheesy garlic potato monkey bread
The best way to describe this dish is, “What if cacio e pepe, but bread?” She’s a little time-consuming, as this recipe calls for making the potato-based dough from scratch (which requires overnight rising) but it’s so worth it. Once assembled, each little parcel of dough is coated lovingly and liberally in garlic butter, cheese (Parmesan and white cheddar) and a dose of coarse black pepper. You also get to brag to your taste-testers that you made bread out of mashed potatoes, which is a pretty impressive party trick. Learn the secrets of monkey bread straight from New York Times here.
Image: Ryan Liebe for New York Times

RPG sandwich
Direct from certified Twitter lord and MasterChef winner Adam Liaw, the RPG (that’s roast pork and garlic bread) is the true definition of cultural harmony. Originally hailing from the Catskill Mountains in the United States and eventually gaining a cult following in New York, this show-stopping sandwich combines “Chinese” roast pork, “duck sauce” (or plum sauce as you might know it) and “Italian” garlic bread – c’mon, fusion! This banger of a recipe also gives you a shortcut method for making a quick char siu – the rest of the magic comes from doing a DIY garlic bread job on a standard hotdog roll. The convenience! The range! We love to see it! Check it out via Good Food.
Image: William Meppem for Good Food

Marjoram and garlic baguette with spanakopita dip
Alexa, play ‘Save the Best for Last’. All Vanessa Williams references aside, this absolute game-changer of a garlic bread recipe will ensure you are the star of your next social gathering (or Netflix binge on the couch – we don’t judge). A sterling combination of marjoram and chives adds a fancy little kick to your garlic baguette, taking the herb experience to a different place than your standard parsley situation. Dipping this crusty creation into a perfectly crafted spanakopita-inspired dip featuring spinach, feta and cream cheese will put your taste buds into overdrive. We’ve got crunch, we’ve got creaminess, we’ve got tang and we’ve got love, people. Try your hand at this one via Delicious.
Image: Kirsten Jenkins for Delicious

*This opinion reflects the author’s point of view (whose initials happen to be GB) but she’s pretty sure the rest of the TWE team agrees.

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