Perk up on a hot day with a cold brew coffee

Perk up on a hot day with a cold brew coffee

Summer presents a conundrum of sorts for coffee drinkers. As the mercury soars, sometimes, the last thing you feel like drinking is a steamy beverage. Cold brew coffee is here to solve all of your caffeine-related quandaries. Best served over ice, cold brew coffee has become the drink of choice for hot days.

Popping up in delightful brown bottles on cafe counters, cold brew or cold press refers to the process of steeping coffee grounds in room temperature or cold water for an extended period, usually 12-hours or more. The result is a coffee concentrate that is generally diluted with water or milk for the ultimate cold caffeine hit. Not to be confused with an iced latte, where the coffee is brewed hot and then chilled, cold brew coffee is naturally sweeter due to its lower acidity. The secret is that the beans never actually come into contact with heated water and therefore the process of leaching flavour from the beans produces a different chemical profile from conventional brewing methods.

If you’re up for a little weekend activity, the process of brewing your own at home is simple and there are loads of great tutorials on how to make your own cold brew with the help of a few general household items. For the serious cold-brewer, you can also pick up the whole kit and caboodle from LabFriend. If you’re in need of a more instant solution, pop down to your nearest cafe and grab one that the fine folks have prepared earlier. The Paddock Bakery, Commune and Skull & Bones Espresso Boutique are just a few places that make their own cold brew or keep an eye out for Folk Cold Brew that can be found at the Burleigh Heads Farmers Market every Saturday from 7:00 am to 12:00 pm or at Bittersweet Coffee at Palm Beach.

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