Embrace your inner rebel and suit up in a leather jacket

Embrace your inner rebel and suit up in a leather jacket

While Marlon Brando’s crazy, rebellious antics are what defined his character in The Wild One, perhaps more impressive to audiences was his leather-clad physique. Needless to say, his character would have lacked attitude without his ever-present leather biker jacket, complete with buckles, buttons and a plethora of zips.

The Wild One proved that there’s nothing more classic (or bad-ass) than a leather bomber casually slung over the shoulder. It’s a point also proven by the likes of the ultimate tortured soul James Dean, as well as The Ramones, and the clans of Greasers who roamed the street. The leather jacket was also a favourite wardrobe component of Elvis, who owned the piece in a myriad of rainbow colours and embellishments.

Investing in your own leather jacket is one long-lasting winter fashion option – layer up in a black or brown design and you’ll be set for style for years to come. You don’t even need to be a rebel to wear one yourself, as they can be a great way to inject a little bit of personality into your wardrobe if you suit up five days a week. Perhaps the best are those that are pre-worn and pre-loved from vintage stores such as Retro Metro. Otherwise you can partake in just a pinch of leather with this leather-sleeved varsity jacket available at Apartment.

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