Made in the now

Made In The Now celebrates first birthday

Each day since July 18, 2011, Made In The Now has taken the serious news of the day and turned it into collectible, often comical, graphics to splash across made-to-order t-shirts. Now 365 tees, 8765 hours and 219 designers later, this local project is celebrating its first birthday with the release of the entire back catalogue.

The idea for Made In The Now was to act as a peaceful protest against the fashion industry’s most shady traits of mass consumption and over production. The brainchild of two creative minds at Brisbane-based design studio Josephmark, Made In The Now produces the t-shirts locally and made-to-order, removing wastage and embracing sustainable fashion methods. For the past year, facebook fans have voted on the current affairs of the day, with a designer then invited to creatively transform the news story into a limited-edition t-shirt design. From Italian earthquakes to Iranian oil dramas, each design is then available for 24 hours, before the cycle starts again.

But now, with a touchstone in the midst, Made In The Now is admitting access to the entire collection. Drink beer, buy t-shirts and celebrate this momentous occasion with the MITN team at Substation No. 4 from 6:00 pm this Thursday July 19. Looking forward, MITN is going weekly, giving fans more time to vote, designers more space to create, and buyers more time to make a purchase. From now on, a poll will start every Tuesday and run until Friday, with the top news piece transformed into wearable art ready to snatch up by Monday 2:00 pm and staying up for grabs for seven days.



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