The Grocer: Pomegranate

The hard red hide of the pomegranate can be both uninspiring and misleading. But it is once you have cracked it open that you discover a cavern of ruby-red gems within. These pulpy seeds of the fruit are a mainstay in the gourmet creations of many Middle Eastern-inspired dishes.

Anywhere from 200 to 1400 seeds can dwell within the shell of a pomegranate. Each seed is surrounded by a pulpy exterior, which adds a tart sweetness to culinary creations of both a sweet and savoury nature.

While the process of accessing them has muddled more than a few minds, it’s an easy practice. Using a sharp knife, cut the pomegranate through its centre. Grab a wooden spoon and, turning the seeded face of the fruit towards an open bowl, gently tap the back of the pomegranate until the seeds fall out. Rain these seeds over salad, through shredded lamb or over the top of a bowl of vanilla ice-cream in summertime. In the case of desserts, try this delicious concoction of pomegranate meringues on food blog, Manger.

Pomegranates are available from most supermarkets, as well as any good fruit and vegetable store.

Image via Pinterest.

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