Spice up your next dinner party with a Noch Noch Momo kit

Spice up your next dinner party with a Noch Noch Momo kit

When you break it down, the dining-out experience is about more than just having someone else cook for once. We go out to enjoy the atmosphere and to bask in the collective energy of the restaurant in full flight. Sights, sounds and smells all play a part in making a night out special, which is hard to replicate when you’re cooking at home. Noch Noch Momo is a new meal-kit concept that aims to bring a touch of that stimulating fun to your kitchen, providing everything you’ll need for a memorable Nepalese feast!

We’re sure you can agree that it’s been a long two-and-a-half months since dining out was taken off the table. While many of us have sharpened our own culinary skills or explored Brisbane’s takeaway scene, a curious character has made it his mission to add a bit of heat to our isolation entertaining. Noch Noch Momo is a hip new meal-delivery service with a twist – it specialises in prepare-at-home Nepalese dumpling sets, which come with a host of extras to ensure the momo-making experience is as lively as a night out. The operation is the brainchild of the enigmatic Mr. Noch Noch, a solo operator who launched the concept roughly eight weeks ago as a response to the widespread hospitality lockdown. Initially conceived as a way to jazz up the quarantine cooking experience, the concept has cultivated a loyal following thanks almost entirely to word-of-mouth praise, becoming a popular entertaining option now we can invite people into our homes once more.

So, what does the Noch Noch Momo experience entail? Well, Mr. Noch Noch is focusing on the senses (smell, sound, taste, touch and sight) with his box of goodies. All Noch Noch Momo kits come with enough ingredients to make 20 momos (enough to feed three), including the individual momo wraps, special lamb mince, dipping sauce and bamboo steamer basket – encouraging a hands-on interactive approach that is perfect for the tactile cookers amongst us. In addition to the momos, each kit contains incense (enhancing smell), Himalayan mountain snacks (to amplify taste), a playlist of tunes to put on while you cook (boosting sound and vibe) and some Noch Noch hats for an added visual element. The Noch Noch Momo website also has an online bottle shop, boasting a pinot noir from Fat Bastard, a rosé from Medhurst and beer from Asahi – all specifically selected to complement the momos and Mr. Noch Noch’s own recipe for the Dalai Lama’s side salad. If you’re keen to try, lodge an order for the week ahead by 6:00 pm Tuesday. The boxes are delivered fresh within a ten-kilometre radius of the CBD between 12:00–6:00 pm on your selected day. Head to the Noch Noch Momo website to check to see if you’re in the delivery radius and to make an order.

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