TWE HAY tray

Adorn your coffee table with a HAY tray

Focusing on uncomplicated design that is solid, joyful and functional, Danish company HAY crafts furniture and accessories to outfit the modern home.

Melding ideals of architecture with fashion, HAY collaborates with international designers to produce forward-thinking, meaningful design that supports a modern lifestyle. In tones of apricot, mint and aubergine, the Kaleido collection of powder-coated steel plates and trays offers a decorative pop of colour and texture to your living space. Perfect for holding office or dresser knick-knacks, or as a stand-alone design piece, these steel-cut trays feature in a range of modular geometric shapes.

Large and medium hexagons can nest inside each other for two-toned layering, while smaller rhombus shapes fit into the remaining gap. These objets d’art of the home were designed for Hay by Swedish graphic designer and illustrator Clara Von Zweigbergk, whose work traverses interests in typography, craft, art direction, book design and a growing series of products.


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