TWE monomoka

The MONOMOKA sisters hand-knit furniture

There’s often a private connection that exists between twins that produces a remarkable bond and likeminded perspective of the world. Polish twins Kasia and Monika Gwiazdowska together envisaged the project MONOMOKA as a symbol of their inseparable, sisterly connection and joint perception of creativity.

First conceived in 2004, MONOMOKA has now crafted 13 pieces including stools, cushions and ottomans from linen, wool and cotton – each of which may take months to create. The interiors objects are crafted from scratch using painstaking hand-crocheting, knitting and sewing techniques. The sisters first learnt the skills of hand sewing, crocheting and knitting as teenagers and – along with a unique view of the world shaped by bleak socialist society and limited access to the colourful Western world – applied these to creating a shared identity.

Melding interests in fashion, graphics, painting and design, the pair eventually turned its attention to architectural studies – drawing on the key relationship between form and function. Ideas of beautiful form, clean function and unique character are instilled in each new piece the duo designs. In 2008, Monika’s spouse Piotr Saladra also joined the MONOMOKA team, with studio work centring on furniture, set and interior design.


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