Tazza Coffee

Tazza Coffee serves up hearty breakfasts, wholesome lunches and a steaming cup of joe in West End. The Russell Street den previously housed Cup Specialty Coffee, with Tazza continuing to pour Cup’s blends in both espresso and pourover filter forms. Try the beloved morning menu item of thyme-infused mushrooms with fetta, smoked salmon, asparagus, free-range soft poached eggs and hollandaise sauce on sourdough, or opt from the weekend specials like cider poached pear with pear mascarpone and salted caramel. Come lunchtime, treat midday cravings to a lavish Moroccan chicken salad or a smoked salmon rye bagel with cream cheese, dill, red onion, cucumber, capers and rocket. You can also find bottled soy coldpress from Silipo Coffee Roasters on the Gold Coast and regular coldpress from Benchmark Coldpress in the fridge, while Tazza also brews up its own fresh chai blend for the non-coffee sipper. Browse the retail wall of take-home beans, aeropress gadgets and other coffee geekery while you await your takeaway cup, or settle in for a lazy breakfast in the chilled surrounds. 


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