sAme sAme

In November 2019, the LONgTIME crew announced that the venue would cease trading at the end of the month. While devastating news on the surface, a follow-up announcement revealed that the restaurant’s team would be unveiling LONgTIME’s spiritual successor sAme sAme at The Calile’s Ada Lane precinct. The 80-seat restaurant and bar sits next to Jocelyn’s Provisions, and boasts an eye-catching design conceived by Richards and Spence. The restaurant boasts 20 fewer seats than LONgTIME to provide some added flexibility to operations, though the street-level restaurant portion boasts an open kitchen that will be twice the size of LONgTIME’s. Chef Ben Bertei is serving up a selection of LONgTIME fixtures such as lobster and turmeric curry, char-grilled beef short rib, and the crispy pork belly pad see ew (as well as some new recipes), while an upstairs bar called LOS is the the spot for pre- or post-dinner drinks. As for the original LONgTIME space, the venue has become a dedicated function hub for the group’s various venues (which includes hôntô and the forthcoming 22 Agnes), retaining the same furniture and equipment, but with flexibility for guests to go nuts and curate their dream event.


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