Pilloni is the sibling of La Lupa in West End, but instead of serving Roman-style pizzas, Pilloni sees owners Valentina Vigni and Andrea Contin explore the culinary diversity of Sardinia – creating a restaurant that is warm and welcoming, but with finer touches. Inspired by Sardinian agriotourismo (farm stays), Pilloni pairs warm and rustic aesthetics with a culinary approach anchored by open-flame cooking. Pilloni boasts a bar area with ivory-coloured Sardinian-marble bar top, separated from the main dining room by shelves of wine. The restaurant floor looks into the kitchen, equipped with a massive fireplace at its heart. An alfresco terrace has been given a colour scheme of cream and blue, with a classic 50s aesthetic offering a contrast to the warm and rustic interior. Finally, a 16-seater private dining space and wine cellar is located down a short corridor. Pilloni’s kitchen is helmed by chef Mimmo Miceli, who is overseeing the fire-kissed fare as well as a host of other Sardinian delicacies. Expect to see meat and seafood cooked over flame, including whole fish, lobsters, suckling pig and lamb. Pilloni also serves Sardinian-style pasta made in-house, such as dumpling-like culurgiones, pebble-sized fregula and thin ribbed-shelled malloreddus. Pilloni’s wine list is larger and more broad-reaching than La Lupa’s Italy-centric cellar, with European and Australian vino featuring alongside a collection of cocktails.


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