Archer Brewing

Archer Brewing – one of Brisbane’s most beloved independent beer makers – opened its new brewery headquarters in Newmarket in the early days of 2023. Four years on from the closure of its Spring Hill microbrewery, owners Stuart and Lucy Martin found a corker of a site for the brewery’s rebirth, snagging a hangar-style building on Newmarket Road in which they’ve installed a 10-hL two-vessel system alongside a kitchen, new bar and a mezzanine seating level. Chris Fletcher (formerly of 2 Brothers Brewing in Moorabbin, Victoria) is overseeing brewing operations, continuing Archer Brewing’s established method of using all-Australian ingredients in the brewing process. As for the range itself, Stuart and Lucy have brought across most of Archer’s established core range (including its mid-strength lager, pale ale and IPA) but have dropped its pilsner from the line-up in favour of a new Japanese-style rice lager. A small pilot kit is being utilised to craft single-keg batches of experimental beers that will only be available over the bar at Newmarket. Archer Brewing’s artisan produce licence means that the team can also stock wine and spirits, so expect a selection of drops from other local booze makers. As for Archer Brewing’s food offering, Stuart and Lucy are still putting thought towards the menu direction, with an outside operator expected to take up residence in the kitchen in the coming months.


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