Japanese cuisine boasts so many mouth-watering specialties that it’s almost impossible for us to narrow down our favourite. Sushi, sashimi, ramen, yakitori, donburi, udon – versatility is undoubtedly one of the cuisine’s greatest strengths. Chef Louis Seo has had no difficulty picking his favourite facet of Japan’s epicurean offering – his choice is plainly evident in the name of his Sherwood eatery, KatsuCo. Louis’s affinity for crispy crumbed katsu extends back many years and is a love he has carried with him from his culinary beginnings learning French cooking techniques at Le Cordon Bleu through to stints as an executive chef helming bustling hotel kitchens and French bistros. In 2021 Louis struck out on his own, deciding the time was ripe to apply his finely honed skills to the realm of katsu. KatsuCo looks to deliver a premium take on contemporary Japanese cuisine, with the goal of dishing up some of the best katsu in Brisbane. Louis is taking a non-traditional approach to katsu, with French cooking techniques and ingredients adding a tasty twist to his interpretation while making as much of the menu (down to the sesame and soy-based cabbage dressings) in house as possible. The Sherwood space is crisp and minimal, with white and blonde timber tones creating a clean and chic aesthetic that serves to direct attention to KatsuCo’s morsels. Central to the offering is, of course, katsu – Louis has assembled a range of signature sets, with each dish served alongside steamed rice, cabbage salad, miso soup, katsu sauce and pink salt. KatsuCo’s culinary crown jewel is undoubtedly the 350-g pork rib-eye tomahawk katsu, which has been aged for six days and brined until it is perfectly tender, before being coated in panko crumb and lightly fried until golden, crispy and delicious. The tomahawk is available alongside other specialty items including the cheese katsu (melted mozzarella cheese encased in crispy pork loin), ebi katsu (breaded tiger king prawns with tartare sauce), chicken katsu and tofu katsu. Fans of katsu curry can opt for a serve of hearty goodness served with your choice of breaded tofu, chicken, pork or prawn. Despite being a katsu specialist, Louis has also added a swathe of other Japanese-inspired morsels to his menu, including doburi (rice bowls topped with aged salmon sashimi, grilled salmon or soy-glazed eggplant), udon dishes, salmon sashimi and seasonal specials like cold soba noodles in summer and ramen in winter. Plans are in the works to obtain a liquor licence, though guests can currently BYO for a small corkage fee. Louis has plans to expand KatsuCo across Brisbane – a new location will be opening in North Lakes on Friday February 4!


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