Hato Gyoza & Grill

Hato Gyoza & Grill opened to the public in October 2016, enticing patrons off Elizabeth Street with the promise of cold beer and a hot grill. Hato Gyoza & Grill delivers mightily on both counts, offering an impressive selection of Japanese drinks and meals with a twist. The menu is divided into grilled dishes, gyoza and tempura, with sides and lunch specials also available to diners. Impressive options include gyoza served on a sizzling hot plate, drizzled with Japanese curry and cheese, tempura udon, crispy panko chicken, tender pork kakuni, bento boxes and steamed baos with braised pork belly and katsu chicken. Rounding out the generous offering is the drinks selection, which includes premium sake and Japanese beer, as well as local beers, wines and spirits.


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