Botanica Albion

Botanica owners Alison and Brett Hutley are bringing their newest venture to the Albion Fine Trades precinct at 97 Sandgate Road, joining the ranks alongside The Cheeseboard, a wine-tasting showroom and Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters. All of the crowd-pleasing regulars will be making an appearance in Botanica Albion’s salad cabinet, which is set to showcase an regularly rotating roster of zesty mixtures. Everyone’s carb-loaded favourite – the potato and pea with dill and parsley tahini dressing –will make a regular appearance, alongside winners like broccoli with cranberries, almonds and cashew garlic cream, cauliflower and sweet potato with yoghurt dressing and harissa, and kale and quinoa tabouleh with sumac, parsley, lemon and cherry tomatoes. The ever-scrumptious savoury tarts will be able to bag too, whilst dessert fiends can sharpen their sweet tooth with the store’s delightful (and bonus, gluten free) lick-worthy cupcakes and glazed bar cakes.


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