Ben’s Burgers

Ben’s Burgers is the creation of Ben and Nick Chiu, co-owners of Apartment in Brisbane City and creators of A Love Supreme. The brothers wanted to bring a new vibe to Winn Lane, tangling together their love of street wear, good beats and excellent eats, creating a place to kick back with a bunch of friends over a few beers. Tapping into the simplicity of the Japanese approach to life – picking one thing and doing it really well – Ben’s Burgers is offering up a simple menu of three burgers including a classic, a special and a vegetarian option. There are chilli fries and extra trappings like candied bacon to embellish the pared-back experience of course, but you could easily keep your burger chowdown a humble, straightforward affair, entrusting the team in its knowledge-driven mission. The Winn Lane haunt is open for breakfast too, offering two savoury and one sweet burger option, and a handful of toasted brioche numbers. There is also coffee of a morning, and Burleigh Brewing Co. beer and house-made cherry cola, iced tea and ginger ale of an evening.


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