La Macelleria Gelateria

Not all gelato is created equal. Sure, the fundamentals of the Italian sweet treat may bear some similarities, but true gelato is made fresh with no artificial additives. Artisan gelato is more than a refreshing treat on a hot day, it’s a culinary experience that is simultaneously creamy and flavoursome. If you too possess an appreciation for proper Italian gelato, step in to La Macelleria Gelateria in Mermaid Waters. Here, every single scoop of all 16 flavours (14 core and two rotating specials) are made onsite every single day. So far, pistachio and Bacio (decadent chocolate peppered with roasted hazelnuts) have been popular options, but the Castiglione (fresh ricotta with caramelised figs) is a treat for the taste buds. To create the delectable desserts, the team use an EFFE, a vertical machine that emulates the first one ever invented. While the EFFE churns the gelato to its desired consistency, the product is then extracted by hand using a giant spoon-like stick and transported to the pozzetti, which is said to keep the gelato as fresh as can be by limiting its exposure to oxygen. The whole process is a fascinating site to behold from the venue’s open kitchen. The result, while labour intensive, is undeniably more flavoursome than any store-bought gelato. Rounding out La Macelleria’s offering is extra-strong Italian coffee by Segafredo Zanetti.


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