Masu Izakaya

One five-star review is a great thing, but 212 of them, well that’s something very special indeed. Nestled next door to Apres Surf along the Gold Coast Highway in Burleigh Heads, Masu Izakaya is undoubtedly the suburb’s best-kept secret. The venue restaurant number two of three for esteemed chef Jon Hizola and his wife Eileen, who also own Mr Kojima on Chevron Island and Alamat Gold Coast in Southport. Throughout his career, Jon has been involved with the vast majority of the city’s top-flight Asian eateries, with many of his menus still in rotation. He describes Masu Izakaya as one-of-a-kind. The reason, he says, is that they are presenting high-end, superb quality dishes at affordable prices. Using the same suppliers as Jon has forged relationships with in the past, his team of celebrated chefs know the products inside and out. Start with a selection from the raw bar, which features ikura-ponzu oysters, unbelievably fresh sashimi that’s sliced-to-order and some seriously next-level sushi. The remainder of the menu meanders through small dishes of Japanese classics including prawn toast, tempura bay bugs and scallop batayaki, to special dishes of wagyu with kinoko butter, teriyaki with your choice of protein and melt-in-your-mouth pork ribs. While Jon and the team have put a contemporary spin on each dish, he assures us the base and techniques are traditional Japanese. If you really want to experience the best of Masu Izakaya, opt for the omakase option, which represents phenomenal value at $75 per person. Make a booking here.


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