Franc Jrs

Franc Jrs is the spirited and sassy younger sibling of Coolangatta’s much-loved Francie’s, which is currently in the throes of relocating down the street. One thing you should know though, Franc Jrs is not simply a rinse and repeat, no siree. In fact, as far as pizza goes, it’s at the opposite end of the spectrum. Franc Jrs is primarily geared towards a takeaway format. There are, however, a handful of tables you can park your keister on while you wait. If you’re digging the vibe, you can opt to eat in but there’s no bookings, no table service nor any kind of crockery to speak of – it’s paper plates and serviettes. It’s a casual approach, sure, but one that makes perfect sense when you see it and experience it. In terms of the menu, there are a couple of familiar faves in the Francie’s Classics section (hello Jaloppy Poppy, old friend) alongside a super-sized 16-inch cheese pie that you can pimp with extra topping if you wish. The specialty, however, is their interpretation of Detroit-style pizza. If you’re not familiar with that particular style of slice, allow us – Detroit-style pizzas are a throwback to 1946 at a speakeasy called Buddy’s Rendezvous in Detroit, which was, at the time, a motoring city. They began using repurposed rectangular blue steel pans that were traditionally used as oil-drip trays, to cook the pizzas. The heavy, hard steel created a kind of caramelised crust around the bottom of the thick, focaccia-like dough while the cheese oozes all the way to the edges giving it an irresistibly chewy outer. Despite its dense appearance, it’s actually delightfully light and fluffy inside – a definite must-try


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