Cleo Harper

Back when exercise gear was coated in slogans and graphics (you remember the ones), Vanessa Levey decided to do things a little differently. With a background in design and the arts, Vanessa sought to fill the gap in the world of workout wear with something a little more feminine and refined. This was the genesis of Cleo Harper, which has gone on to amass a loyal legging-clad following of folk who cannot get enough of the Gold Coast-based brand. Fast-forward six years and countless collections, Cleo Harper has opened the doors to its first dedicated retail store in Burleigh Heads. Envisaged as a versatile space that can host sweat sessions and community events, the store doubles as a community hub where the Cleo-loving crowd can interact and, perhaps more importantly, touch and feel the garments in real life. As much as we love shopping online, there’s something special about seeing Cleo Harper’s limited-edition line-up of bralets, leggings, shorts and tops in person. If you firmly believe in the phenomenal motivating power of a cute gym outfit, take a peek at Cleo Harper’s boutique at 7 Stevenson Court, Burleigh Heads.


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