Canvas Palm Beach

Nestled beneath Magnoli Apartments in Palm Beach, just a sandy-footed stroll to the ocean, Canvas Palm Beach is the perfect pre- and post-beach pitstop. With a playground right out the front, it’s also perfect for keeping the little ones amused long enough for you to drink a coffee while it’s hot. The venue has been taken over by Mitch and Nerissa McCluskey (Etsu Izakaya, formerly Commune) and they’ve not wasted any time in making some changes, starting with opening the bi-fold doors, increasing seating capacity and switching the coffee to Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters. When it comes to the menu, Mitch says they have some big plans starting with a side step away from the cabinet-style food, instead opting for made-to-order meals and full table service (which is expected to be rolled out in coming weeks). The full menu is still a work-in-progress, with the pair adding a few new dishes every couple of days, but so far some of the early standouts have been the slow-cooked brisket atop a chunky housemade potato hash drizzled with hollandaise and a vodka-cured salmon bagel with hints of dill. As for lunch, Mitch says to expect a few more bagels thrown into the mix alongside a mouth-watering karaage chicken burger that contains Etsu’s famous fried-chicken pieces.


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