The Bearded Chap

Spruce up with The Bearded Chap beard oil

If the universe blessed you with a glorious beard, then it’s only appropriate that you should treat it with due respect. Let the grooming games begin.

While a beard can be one heck of a beautiful sight, the pesky pitfalls of itchiness and irritation can cramp the wearer’s style and have them reaching for the razor faster than they can say Sidetember. These were the frustrations plaguing The Bearded Chap founder Luke Swenson – that is, until he concocted the perfect elixir. The Original Beard Oil is the first release from the Australian brand – and the first Australian-made beard oil to hit the market – which not only vows to solve the dreaded beard itch but will also keep your whiskers healthy and smelling marvellous. Luke spent several months developing the unique blend of 11 essential oils and testing them on bearded men and discerning ladies alike.

The Bearded Chap Moustache Wax is nearing completion and is expected to hit the market just in time for Movember. The Bearded Chap range is rounded out with a selection of premium Kent brushes and pocket combs for style on the run. Check out the complete collection online.


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