Cease the shave for Sidetember

Gentlemen of Brisbane, lend us your sideburns. Say no to the razor and grow out those whiskers for 30 glorious days to help support those living with an acquired brain injury.

Mutton chops, sideburns, balcarrotas … whatever you want to call them, Sidetember wants you to grow ‘em! Embrace the grizzly man within by growing out your sideburns throughout September as part of the Sidetember initiative, which encourages lads across the country to raise funds and awareness for the one in 12 Australians living with an acquired brain injury. The idea was born over beers several years ago and launched last year, raising a massive $25,000 for Brain Injury Australia and other state-based brain injury organisations. This year the goal has been set even higher – at $100,000 – so the call has been made for Aussie blokes to do what they do best and tune in to their manly instincts.

Brain injury is the leading cause of death and disability in young people, with 1.6 million Australians living with an acquired brain injury and 160,000 needing daily support. Whether you want to be a SideGuy or you want your lady to be a SideGirl, sign up to the good cause online.

Image via Pinterest.


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