Pocket a watch from Brisbane Vintage Watches

Pocket a watch from Brisbane Vintage Watches

From a pocket clock to a pocket watch, trench watch to wristlet, and finally wrist watch, timepieces have transformed from design items to practical time-telling devices and back again.

With a mobile phone constantly by our side and a screen in front of us telling the time digitally, the need for a watch of any kind has been practically rendered useless, other than as an accessory of style.

While some gents choose to lay a Rolex over their wrist, the pocket watch not only makes a statement (though of a different kind) but also hints to the individuality of the wearer.

Whether tucked into a jacket or vest pocket, or that tiny pocket on your jeans (and you thought that was made for coins!), the pocket watch is a dandy accompaniment to any style-driven gentleman’s attire.

Browse the selection of open face and hunter case pocket watches available from Brisbane Vintage Watches or claim your grandfather’s fob from the railroad days and take it in to service centre upstairs in Brisbane Arcade to be restored to its original condition.


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