Maple syrup

The Grocer: Maple Syrup

A flavour familiar to many, maple syrup begins its life as sap from a maple tree and is harvested during springtime.

In Canada, where conditions are ideal for maple tree growth, late February to late April is dubbed ‘the sugaring season’. Using a drill, maple trees are tapped and their sap is syphoned into a large tank before being poured into an evaporator. The evaporator boils down the sap, which is then concentrated into maple syrup. The amber coloured liquid is then bottled and ready to be enjoyed by sugar fiends all over the world.

Typically, maple syrup is best known for its starring role atop your pancake stacks, but this viscous drop can also be sweet for your health. The zinc found in maple syrup can act as an antioxidant and the high level of manganese can work as an immunostimulant, making it a good alternative to white sugar in recipes.

Maple syrup’s uses in recipes are myriad, and can include both savoury and sweet dishes. You can try drizzling maple syrup over chocolate bacon cupcakes with maple frosting, add it to smoky bourbon baked beans, glaze sweet potato with it, create maple pork donut sliders, or add it to a crust for tofu.

For a truly decadent maple-infused breakfast experience, in place of pancakes, you could add it to your porridge or make this brown sugar banana parfait with maple-glazed pecans.

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