The Grocer: Kale

Long gone are the days of throwing together some iceberg lettuce or even a sprig or two of rocket to spruce up your salad. Today’s favourite green combinations seem to always involve kale.

Kale is actually a form of wild cabbage, sprouting with round green or purple leaves. It boastfully proclaims a long list of nutritional benefits thanks to its high mineral and vitamin count. While kale was a common vegetable in The Middle Ages, it is only now (after discovering its multitude of health components) that the historic green is making a comeback.

Kale can be eaten raw or cooked, but beware: in raw form it retains its quite bitter flavour. If you’d like to cook it, be gentle and fry it lightly or softly poach it as you would spinach. You can also bake kale into kale chips. For a super smoothie, blend kale in with your typical juice favourites or add it into your breakfast smoothie for an energised start to the day.

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