The Grocer: Artichoke

While the artichoke may be reminiscent of a sculpture created at the hands of Antoni Gaudí, it is actually a very edible and tasty vegetable. It might seem scary at first glance, but the joyful artichoke can be eaten boiled, fried, steamed, grilled or just raw.

To eat it raw, you will first need a reliable pair of kitchen scissors. Cut out the sharp-edged tips of the leaves. Then use a sharp knife to slice about 3 cm off the tip of the vegetable. Take to the stem with the knife as well, snipping the base until only 4 cm is left. Then give it a thorough rinse in cold water. Eat the fleshy parts of each petal, leaving the base. You can also eat the heart at the very bottom, but always avoid the fuzzy centre (the choke), which can be removed using a spoon or knife.

If you wish to cook your artichoke, simply cut it in half and remove the fuzzy centre. The easiest way to cook it is to throw it in a pot of boiling water and remove only when it is tender. And with a little more effort, you can prepare the likes of this Grilled Baby Artichokes with Caper-Mint Sauce.

Image via Brown Dress with White Dots.


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