The Weekend Series: pimp out your pad with these five household furnishings for $50 or less

The Weekend Series: pimp out your pad with these five household furnishings for $50 or less

With the advent of renovation and redecorating-focused reality television, we’re more conscious of interior aesthetics than ever. Home is where the heart is, and if your living space isn’t up to snuff then it becomes a real mood dampener. Overhauling your entertaining space can cause a bit of a sting on your finances, but redecorating on a budget is easily achievable if you know where to look. If you’ve got $50 you can spare, jump in the car and get a closer look at these five pieces that’ll fit right into your interior scheme without you having to take out a second mortgage.

Kanelstång plant stand – $24.99
Perhaps those of you that don’t own plants would disagree with the high placement of this entry, but anyone with a few leafy friends in their abode would readily agree that putting a plant or two around the house does wonders for the decor (and our moods). That being said, just putting your plants in any old pot won’t do – your lush additions deserve to be clad in a striking manner. The Kanelstång plant stand is an inexpensive option when it comes to decorating – the stand flips to offer two potential uses, while it can hold pots with a diameter of 27 centimetres. This Kanelstång plant stand is available at IKEA.

Willa woven rattan chair – $49
As far as essentials go, we always suggest it’s best to begin with finding a comfortable chair to sit on. Those of you that are fans of the bright neutral tones of Hamptons-style decorating will adore these woven rattan chairs. Perfect as part of an outdoor ensemble or in a minimalist sitting area, this chair is an understated but essential piece that you can get for a steal. The Willa woven rattan chair is available now at Target.
Image: Target

Walnut look sideboard – $45
A simple storage solution is a must for any room, and this charming sideboard is a great understated addition to your living room or bedroom. This tiny unit is perfect for storing everything from precious knick knacks to glassware or accessories that need to be kept close at hand, but tucked away to avoid damage. If you’re looking for a piece to add a bit of rustic appeal to a space, this is it. You can get this sideboard from Kmart.
Image: Kmart

Round jute rug – $29
Nothing ties a room together like a rug. House & Home has a brilliant jute rug that is the perfect touch for your living space. For those unaware, jute is a soft vegetable fibre that is spun into coarse threads – commonly used for many of your favourite decorative products. This round patterned piece is durable and suitable for most aesthetics. Head to Big W to nab one of these beauties before they’re snatched up.
Image: Big W

Timeless drinks trolley – $45
Once you’ve finished redecorating, it’s time to reward yourself with a drink. That’s when our last item comes into play. This drinks trolley is a sophisticated way to store and serve some of your finest drops, with a metal and glass frame and a gold finish reminiscent of Gatsby-era soirees. Now you’ll be prepared for company, cocktail in hand (or on trolley) ready to impress. You can nab one of these timeless drinks trolleys from Kmart.
Image: Kmart


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