Image: Jack Woolrych
Image: Jack Woolrych
Image: Jack Woolrych
Image: Jaala Alex

Add some handcrafted spoons from Carol Russell to your kitchen arsenal

Forget your basic, run-of-the-mill wooden spoons – the food you cook and serve deserves utensils that are much more impressive. Woodworker Carol Russel makes some of the most coveted goods in Brisbane made from ethically sourced and salvaged timber.

Carol Russell has decades of experience working as a craftsperson and woodworker, honing her skills across a range of disciplines before falling in love with manufacturing using hand tools. After learning how to carve spoons through a wood sculptor friend, Carol became hooked on carving exquisite serving utensils, which meshed perfect with her other loves – food and cooking. Drawing inspiration from the terrain of Australia’s forested areas, Carol’s pieces are lovingly handcrafted using carving chisels, drawknives and spokeshaves.

Focusing on sustainable practices, Carol sources timber from salvaged or storm damaged trees, often finding incredible materials such as huon pine from Tasmania’s southwest forests and rose mahogany from Killarney. Throughout the process Carol endeavours to communicate the connection between tree and end product, allowing the vibrancy of the timber to shine through. Head to Carol Russell’s website to get a closer look at her work, or sign up for one of her spoon making classes at Vieille Branche in Albion.


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