Spud the Food Truck

Carb-lovers will agree that one of the greatest foodstuffs on the planet is the humble potato. It’s almost a no-brainer – its versatility is nearly unmatched. Baked, boiled, mashed, fried – is there anything the potato can’t do? Chelsea and Tipene of Spud the Food Truck don’t think so, and they are proving it with their mobile potato dispensary Spud the Food Truck. Specialising in all things spuds, Chelsea and Tipene have taken markets and street food gatherings by storm on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane with its range of loaded offerings. The menu gives snack seekers the chance to savour potato in its many forms – straight-cut fries, tater tots, curly fries, waffle fries and even sweet potato fries. Each selection is topped with your choice of salt and seasoning (sea salt, garlic and rosemary, chicken salt, garlic salt and spiced paprika) and also comes with sauce. If you are keen to really go to town on your potatoes, load them up with mac and cheese, barbecue pulled pork or chilli cheese. You can catch Spud the Food Truck at the Gold Coast Food Truck events and at various spots in Brisbane.


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