Saiko Teppanyaki

Diners can sit up at the bar and watch in awe as the expert chefs light the teppan grills ablaze with a theatrical flame. Your accompaniments are presented in front of you as you watch your selection of fresh meat and vegetables get grilled, flipped, sliced and diced – you may even get the odd egg or bowl of rice thrown at you. It’s not just a visual and physical show either – the chefs play a tinny tune by clapping utensils, tapping the grill and drumming salt and pepper shakers, all while preparing your Japanese feast. Co-owner and head chef Stanley Lee has spent the past ten years perfecting his skills and creating his own personal style and presentation, drawing on his mentors and experiences. Like a modern-day gun slinger, Stanley spins his knives and utensils in his hands, throwing them into the air with expert skill before sliding them back into his knife holster without even looking.


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