Saabi on Manson

Saabi on Manson is a quaint cafe alive with the sounds of chatter, the melodic tinker of teaspoons swirling coffee and music humming. Owners Lauren Jordan and Amanda Flynn sure know how to multitask, bouncing between tables and the coffee machine all the while chatting happily to customers. Mismatched glasses and water jugs sit atop tables, low wooden benches in the courtyard are sprinkled with leaves from the trees above and a quaint blackboard is covered with homely menu options. On the savoury side the Vegetable Fritter Stack with Double Smoked Bacon, Fried Egg, Avocado and Rocket is delicious, and on the sweet side, try the cheesecake decorated with flower petals.

Recent News: Tuck into breakfast at Saabi on Manson


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