Ramen Danbo Brisbane City

Ramen Danbo’s Brisbane City location opened in September 2020, becoming the third locale in the chain’s Brisbane portfolio. Unlike its South Brisbane and Sunnybank Hills siblings, Ramen Danbo Brisbane City is smaller, offering a streamlined delivery model reminiscent of cosy ramen bars in Japan. Despite its size, the location offers the exact same menu as its larger siblings, from the classic tonkotsu pork ramen with nitamago (soft-boiled eggs) and the rich and hearty se-abura ramen to the miso tonkotsu ramen, negi-goma ramen (tonkotsu with added toasted sesame) and a vegetarian miso option. As always, guests can customise their order by dictating noodle firmness, soup richness, their preferred amount of spice and the level of saltiness in the broth. Extra toppings such as atsuage tofu slices, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts and seaweed sheets are on hand for creating your dream bowl, while sides like one-bite gyoza, omusubi rice balls and chashu pork donburi make for phenomenal gap fillers.


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