Notorious E.A.T

If you’ve ever been cruising around the Gold Coast and spotted a particularly hip food truck doing the rounds, there’s a fair chance that you witnessed Notorious E.A.T. doing its thing. This hip-hop-themed food truck is known for dishing up the best American-style street food along the coast, and more and more frequently it can be seen in Brisbane. The brains behind Notorious E.A.T concoct its signature range of bites in Biggie’s Lab – a council-approved prep kitchen – where dishes such as the Piggie Smallz, Return of the Mack or Straight Outta Chooklyn waffle burgers,, Wu Tang wings, nach yo posse nachos, Big Poppa dirty fries and more. Keep your eye on Notorious E.A.T’s movements and plan your next hip-hop feast via Instagram.


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