Maru Charcoal Korean BBQ

Beloved inner-city fixture Maru Korean Restaurant expanded in 2021, venturing into the suburbs with its first expansion venture Maru Charcoal Korean BBQ. This restaurant, situated at Cannon Hill Central Shopping Centre on Wynnum Road, takes a slightly different approach to Korean cuisine compared to its sibling location. Here, charcoal barbecue is king. Each table is equipped with a specialty binchōtan barbecue that utilises charcoals to cook an array of morsels. Maru’s barbecue combo sets, which boast an array of assorted wagyu hunks and pork pieces alongside a range of side dishes, are perfect for groups, while solo diners or those looking for some other Korean-style fare can opt for spring onion pancakes, plates of boneless fried chicken, wagyu bibimbap, Korean-style soups, charcoal-grilled bulgogi and much more. The beverage list offers thirst-quenching material such as soju, Korean draught beers, wines and soft drinks.


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