Lydia’s Charkor BBQ

If the first thing you think about when you hear barbecue is snags on the grill then you need to educate yourself on the true diversity of barbecue. Lydia’s Charkor BBQ is a gourmet food truck that travels around Brisbane and the Gold Coast serving up modern charcoal-grilled Korean fusion barbecue. If you are unfamiliar with what Korean barbecue entails, then Lydia’s Charkor BBQ is a great way to start educating yourself. The food truck whips up the likes of bulgogi bento boxes, beef and teriyaki chicken bowls, wraps and snacks. A charcoal grill oven lovingly cooks each meaty morsel, removing excessive meat oil and fuller flavour. Head to the Charkor BBQ Facebook page to find out when this wonderful wagon will be swinging close to your neighbourhood.


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