Killer Take-out

The brains behind Deliveroo-only service Killer Take-out already please palates on a regular basis at their two casual eateries, but are remaining very Daft Punk about their identity for their new venture … you can have fun guessing who it might be. While the menu is super naughty, the ingredients are anything but – the focus is on high-quality produce, with delivery kept to a tight inner-city radius to ensure maximum freshness. Killer Take-out’s aim is to push naughty eats to the extreme – if something should have sauce, then it’s going to be hella saucy. If something should have spice, then you better believe its going to pack a punch. The menu for Killer Take-out has a tight selection of seven favourites to choose from, including a beef burger, chicken burger, truffle chip butty, crispy chicken ribs, fish and hand-cut chips, and lemon meringue pie for dessert.


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