KaiKai Chicken Springwood – Opening Soon

If you ever want to seduce a member of The Weekend Edition, all you have to do is whisper these five little words – ‘all-you-can-eat buffet’. Yep, if there’s one thing we love more than love itself, it’s stuff our face until we split. KaiKai Chicken – one of Brisbane’s best (and biggest) buffet restaurants has been helping helping residents across town get their fill of juicy, crispy and flavoursome fried chicken at its St Lucia restaurant. Now, after increasing levels of demand from southside locals, KaiKai Chicken has expanded, with a brand-new location set to open in the next week or so on Watland Street in Springwood. This new eatery has been scratch-built to the KaiKai team’s exact liking, with a modern interior blending light-industrial aesthetics with a vibrant blue-and-yellow colour scheme. KaiKai Chicken Springwood will boast a slightly smaller footprint and menu than its St Lucia sibling, but rest assured – the buffet is still on the menu. KaiKai’s buffet includes plenty of fried chicken (available in 12 flavours, including Korean-style buffalo with blue cheese, honey butter, soy wasabi, zesty lemon and Cajun) and six kinds of loaded fries (including toppings like nacho cheese and bacon, sweet chilli and sour cream, and okonomi sauce with bonito fish flakes), as well as sides like mash and gravy, steamed rice and decadent, jelly-filled doughnut sandwiches. The venue will be fully licensed, with booze packages available as an add-on to any buffet, though an iced tea bar and a soft drink bar will also be available for those looking to avoid the hard stuff. Keep your eyes glued to these pages for our up-close look at KaiKai Chicken Springwood soon!


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