Ikkairo Ramen

Those that believe that ramen is merely a fancy noodle soup completely disregard the dish’s complexity and scope for variety. Take, for example, the dishes at Ikkairo Ramen in Underwood – a family-run ramen joint that has imbued its menu with a sprinkle of French and seafood-based inspirations. ‘Ikkairo’ is Japanese for prawn, and it’s this cheeky crustacean that is this ramen bar’s secret ingredient. Influenced by the decadent flavours of lobster bisque, Ikkairo Ramen’s kitchen brews up prawn-based French-style broth for its own piping-hot bowls of goodness. Milky tonkotsu soup and prawn broth is mixed and paired with tiger prawns, chashu pork and hand-made noodles. Classic tonkotsu ramen is also available for those averse to seafood. Ikkairo’s menu also serves up Japanese-style oiled noodles (or mazesoba), pork or prawn gyoza, karaage chicken, prawn rice and prawn-broth Japanese curry. A soft-serve machine will soon be added, offering intriguing dessert treats like green-tea flavoured ice-cream.


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