Chapel Hill welcome a new neighbourhood eatery in early 2024, one specialising in Thai and Southeast Asian cuisine. Chalong is the brainchild of Thai natives Nail Saengin and Garfield Panchnoi who, after spending years in the local hospitality scene, have embarked on their first joint venture. Garfield is taking the reins in the kitchen (following stints at the likes of Ping Pong and Short Grain), creating a vibrant menu of modern Thai and Southeast Asian delights. Southern Thai dishes are a speciality, such as gai gor lae (red-curry-basted barbecue chicken skewers), southern Thai yellow curry fish, and Chalong’s unique herbed fritters, which sees betel leaf fritters topped with fried chilli and crispy herbs. Garfield and her team are crafting almost everything in house, including all of the flavour-packed curry pastes. With a name that translates to ‘celebrate’ in Thai, the vibes are always high at Chalong.


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