Botanical Lab

After almost two years building a cult following from within Bakery Lane, tea house and cafe Botanical Lab made a move south of the river in 2020, opening a larger location in West End. Housed in a light-filled space on Melbourne Street, Botanical Lab’s pastel-hued interior is the perfect setting for sipping. The natural starting point on Botanical Lab’s menu is the beverages – both traditional teas and the more elaborate Instagram-worthy concoctions are on hand. Sample a pot of loose-leaf brew (Earl Grey, oolong, chamomile, masala chai, pu-erh, sencha tea and other flavours are available) or opt for a contemporary tea mix with Botanical Lab’s beloved range of milk and fruit teas (hojicha, matcha, chocolate, Milo, rose and taro varieties for the former, and lemon, lychee, mango, pineapple hibiscus, peach and strawberry for the latter). Those looking to get crazy with it should direct their attention to Botanical Lab’s teanades (tea with sparkling water) or our personal obsession – the Ombré drinks, which layer different teas in one beverage to create a colourful concoction that looks almost too good to sip. Those with a sweet tooth should also cast their eyes over Botanical Lab’s menu of tea-infused cakes and treats – think mochi doughnuts, Earl Grey vanilla cream puffs and matcha Swiss cakes, plus Botanical Lab’s signature soft-serve cones and eye-popping parfaits.


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