Lincoln Lewis, Actor, Gold Coast

You need to be able to give all of yourself to your performance, whether that be in a production or an audition.

Actor Lincoln Lewis captured our collective hearts in the early 2000s when he played Geoff Campbell in adored Aussie soap Home and Away, winning a silver Logie for his breakout role. Son of footy legend Wally Lewis, Lincoln was always destined to do great things, and he quickly became a household name when he starred in the 2010 adaptation of the beloved book series, Tomorrow, When the War Began. Since then, he has skyrocketed into the film industry, landing roles working alongside Will and Jaden Smith in sci-fi film After Earth, and Guy Pearce in 33 Postcards. From Home and Away to Hollywood, Lincoln has returned to our sandy shores to celebrate the film industry at Gold Coast Film Festival.

You leaped onto our screens when you were a teenager, working on television shows H2O: Just Add Water, The Sleepover Club and Mortified, which were all filmed right here on the Gold Coast. When did you feel you had ‘made it’ as an actor?
It’s crazy because there are still many days where I wonder if I can actually say that I have, but I guess the first time I allowed myself to slightly think it was after Tomorrow, When The War Began had been released. After several years on Home and Away, then a film, there was a good five-year period where acting jobs were just non-stop. That can be quite a rare thing in this industry. 

What were some of the passions you considered following in your younger years, and what convinced you that acting was your calling? 
Nature and exercise are a big part of me so I’d studied personal training before landing Home and Away, plus I also thought about studying marine biology. I’m not sure what convinced me but I always just felt comfortable and happy whenever it involved the arts, so I guess it was always number one in my mind.

You’re an ambassador for this year’s Gold Coast Film Festival from April 17–28, where there is a packed program of Australian and international films to see, and star-studded events to attend. What are you looking forward to in the festival this year?
The opening night and carpets are such a vibe. Getting everyone together to celebrate is something you can’t beat and our community support is so strong! Sipfest is something I always look forward to because I love seeing our emerging talent and raw ideas of those making their own productions. It’s pure passion and it blows me away every time! Plus getting to speak at Bond Uni for Future Film Makers, I love being able to give back wherever I can in any capacity I can for the next generation of our industry. 

You’re hosting local-favourite Sipfest: Shorts in Paradise at HOTA’s outdoor stage on Saturday April 27, which showcases 15 of the best short films from submissions around Australia and the world. How important are competitions like this for launching the careers of aspiring actors and filmmakers?
They’re extremely important because events like Sipfest provide an opportunity for the talents, ideas and productions of those in the industry to be seen by a wider audience – both in the community and industry. It’s a tough industry to crack so having a stage like this to showcase what you bring to the table as an artist amazing.

What was the best piece of advice you received when trying to break into the industry?
Persistence is the biggest advice I’ve been given and pass on to others. You need to be able to give all of yourself to your performance, whether that be in a production or an audition. If you’re auditioning and it doesn’t go your way, you need to have tough skin to not take it personally, to move forward and keep as prepared as possible for the next opportunity.

Your new film He Loves Me Not, also starring Rhiannon Fish and Georgie Parker, is having its world premiere at the Gold Coast Film Festival on Saturday April 27 at 2:00 pm in the HOTA cinema. Can you tell us about the film and your character in it?
It was a fun film to make and I was stoked to be part of it! Rhiannon’s character is an aspiring actor working on K’gari to save up money for a prestigious acting course, who then gets entered into the final stages of a Bachelor-type show. She doesn’t buy into the reality format but is doing it to hopefully get the money she needs for her course. My character is that Bachelor guy, and while our characters’ first meeting isn’t ideal, it’s that rom-com surprise love type of story.

He Loves Me Not is set entirely on K’gari (Fraser Island) and Hervey Bay in Queensland. What were some of the highlights of filming in such a special location? 
Shooting the majority of a film on the beautiful K’gari and the Hervey Bay region for an entire month was a dream! I’d have to say, filming a date scene on Lake Mackenzie was a highlight for me. I think it’s the first film to ever get permission from the island’s Indigenous council and Elders to film at Lake Mackenzie, which was extremely special.

You have a loyal fan base from your days playing Geoff Campbell on Home and Away and Kevin Holmes in Tomorrow, When the War Began, What has been your favourite role to date, and why?
I’m thankful beyond words for their wonderful support and positivity I’ve had over the years. Thinking back I’ve been so fortunate to be part of some incredible productions around artists and directors that I’ve idolised over the years. I’d have to say my three favourite roles to date would be Geoff from Home and Away, Kevin in Tomorrow, When The War Began and Bruce Higgs in Underbelly. That was an epic show to be in!

You’ve worked on plenty of television series and films on the beautiful Gold Coast, with your first ever acting job being a coffee commercial on the Goldie. What’s your go-to place for a pre or post-film feed or coffee on the coast?
Gemelli Italian or Rick Shores are my celebratory places to go to! I love them anyway but they’re extra special after working on set. My favourite cafes are Tarte, The Paddock and Bam Bam Bakehouse. 

You’ve worked all around Australia and overseas. Where is home these days?  
Home, I’m lucky enough to say, is here on the Gold Coast. I lived here as a kid but moved back at the end of 2020 when I was shooting a film. I had wanted to move back for years so it felt like the right time to finally call it home again. Great community, great lifestyle and I’m stoked to get to jump in the ocean every day. Even for just a quick second, my whole day is made!

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