Kaylene Langford, founder, StartUp Creative magazine

Spend less time looking at what others are doing and focus on what you are going to do, and do it great ...

There’s a new kid on the literary block. It’s called StartUp Creative and it’s a collection of inspiring stories from people who have taken a leap into the unknown and unpredictable world of self-employment. It celebrates the risk-takers, the brave, the empowered. The Weekend Edition Gold Coast caught up with the mastermind behind the magazine, Kaylene Langford, to find out a little more about the venture.

How did the idea for StartUp Creative come about?
StartUp Creative came from my own experience of trying to find support to start my own business. From the age of 19 I have worked in full time positions for big institutions. After six years of having to be in an office from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, applying for holiday leave and sitting in pointless meetings I was beginning to feel the frustrations of the daily grind. I read a great book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, that inspired me to think differently about the lifestyle I had accepted and was hating.

When I got thinking about what my dream job would be, I dreamt up the idea of StartUp Creative. When I went looking for support to get it off the ground everyone was talking in overwhelming business lingo and asking for tedious applications, business plans and projected incomes. I wanted to create a way for young people to access support for their ideas without having to know exactly what is was they wanted to do. I found so many young people who have great ideas but when it comes to taking the very first steps to bringing it to life they are completely overwhelmed. StartUp Creative is about making it easy for you to start today.

Youve taken the leap yourself, what is the scariest thing about starting your own business?
The unknown and the internal voice of fear and doubt that screams – what if it fails! I still have this voice! I think for me it is a matter of reminding myself that if I hadn’t of taken the leap I would have been miserable. As hard as it is somedays to keep positive and keep working towards an unknown goal of where your business is going to end up, you find comfort in the simple moments. Recently I loved the feeling I get when everyone else is dreading the first day back to work after a public holiday and I’m looking forward to my morning routine with a swim in the ocean, coffee and spending the day working from my couch.

What is the biggest lesson youve learnt on this journey?
Be careful who you listen to and more importantly take advice from. First and foremost listen to yourself and what is right for you. If something or someone doesn’t feel right or inspire you don’t waste your time. Spend less time looking at what others are doing and focus on what you are going to do and do it great!

Whats the best part about being your own boss?
Midday naps, taking Mondays off and not having to answer to anyone.

What inspires you?
Disrupting the norm. Watching brave businesses and individuals be radical and not conform to the traditional expectations of running a business. These are the business that are killing it and standing out in the busy market. I’m currently planning how StartUp Creative can do more of this.

Tell us about What The Hell Am I Doing?
What The Hell Am I Doing is a one day course for young people (18-35) who have that burning desire to do something for themselves. We will help you identify what you are most passionate about and teach you how you can turn that into your career. All you need bring is yourself and your passion and determination to do what you love.

What words of wisdom can you share with those who dream of launching their own business?
You will naturally foster a million and one excuses in your own head as to why you can’t start now, or why you’re not ready or good enough to start. Identify those voices as soon as possible and then get them the hell out of the way and start! Surround yourself with smart people who have done what you want to do and or believe that you can do it, eliminate the negative.

What are your goals for StartUp Creative?
In the next twelve months we will have established a powerful culture of inspiring, powerful young entrepreneurs here in south east Queensland and northern New South Wales. We will aim to educate, inspire and grow young startups through telling the success stories in our magazine, running workshops and offering coaching sessions. The long long term goal is provide everything a StartUp needs to start – ideally I would love to build a StartUp Creative College for young people. 

Whats your personal definition of success?
Waking up everyday excited to be making your dreams come to life.

What is the best piece of advice youve ever received or given?
My fiancé has always encouraged me to stand up for what I really want. She is amazing at it and is constantly reminding me to do it in my personal and professional life. It has been the hardest but best skill to learn and just makes life easier.

What is your idea of complete happiness?
Good health, being surrounded with loving and supportive family and friends and a balanced life that allows me to direct my own days.

How do you turn a bad day around?
Studio Qi acupuncture, deep breathing and exercise.

Only a Gold Coast local would know  When the sign says Burleigh Hill is closed, you can still get around the barriers.

Perk up …  The ocean – surfing or an early morning dip.
Relax … The movies with my fiancé.
Dine …  I love to cook at home – if I had to dine out my first choice is always Justin Lane Pizzeria & Bar.
Be inspired … Anywhere that serves a nice long black coffee.


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