Tayta Bar & Restaurant

If you’ve never heard of Nikkei cuisine, you’re about to. Peruvian flavours melded with Japanese techniques, Nikkei is having a moment in foodie circles, so it’s perfect timing that the Gold Coast has welcomed Tayta Bar & Restaurant. The casual fine-diner is the handiwork of Adriano Antonini, who has spent the last 15 years in hospitality across esteemed venues in London, Rome, Dubai and Cayman Islands, as well as a stint as venue manager at Yamagen in Surfers Paradise. For those who aren’t familiar, Nikkei cuisine dates back to the end of the 19th century to when the first boatloads of Japanese immigrants arrived in Peru. Access to Japanese ingredients was limited, so they began to create a unique kind of fusion that blends Peruvian flavours with Japanese techniques. As the cuisine evolved, so too did access to ingredients and suddenly people began to mix soy sauce with ponzu and Schinus molle (a Peruvian pepper). One of Nikkei’s hallmarks is ceviche, so it would be remiss not to start with a serve of the venue’s kingfish ceviche, which is dressed with crispy rice and cucumber. Seafood lovers will appreciate the Tiraditos (sashimi-grade fish served with dipping sauce) and nigiri, while the izakaya section of the menu offers a mix of okonomiyaki, potato croquettes and beef eye-fillet tacos with sushi rice.


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