There aren’t too many cuisines as interactive as Korean BBQ. If you have an appetite for fun and adventure, pull up a seat at Varsity Lake’s newest Korean BBQ house – MUKBANG888. The neighbourhood locale has taken over the space formerly occupied by The Rusty Barrel in Varsity Lakes to deliver a delightfully authentic (a definition that isn’t used lightly), approachable and welcoming Korean restaurant. Owned by Rachel Lee and Jay Park, who helms the kitchen, the husband-and-wife team are on a mission to share the flavours of their homeland. There are a couple of different paths your culinary journey can take depending on your appetite. For those who wish to dine a la carte, the menu meanders from Korean fried chicken to sizzling hot plates of beef Bulgogi and hotpots. The bibimbap (Korean rice bowl) and kimchi pancake are among the standout selections however, if you’re up for a food-filled adventure, the BBQ menu is where it’s at. For those who are new to Korean BBQ, the beef set menu is an easy entry with brisket, belly and marinated short rib alongside soybean paste soup and ssam, which traditionally is a big-leafed plant that you wrap around a spoonful of rice, a strip of cooked meat and top with a dollop of sauce, kimchi or onion salad. Those feeling extra-adventurous might enjoy the pork set, which includes comb-cut pork belly, pork front neck, and marinated pork neck. There’s also a premium wagyu option if you’re really looking to step it up a notch. You don’t have to be a barbecue expert, that’s all part of the fun. There is one thing you should know, though, there are no knives here, instead, you’ll be presented with Kalbi meat scissors to cut the meat into more manageable strips for grabbing with your chopsticks. Wash it down with a shot of soju (which is designed for sipping, just so you know) or Makgeolli, Korean rice wine, which, according to Rachel, pairs especially well with the Korean kimchi pancake.

Bookings are strongly recommended (especially if you’re after the BBQ menu), call 07 5562 1916.


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