Franc Jrs Nobby Beach

Based loosely around the concept of an Italian-American family-style pizzeria, Franc Jrs features a selection of 13-inch classic and vegan pizzas, alongside super-sized 16-inch round ‘cheese pies’ that you can either keep simple or load up with extra toppings. The Franc Jrs specialty, however, is an interpretation of Detroit-style deep-dish pizza, known here as Sicilian Squares. Go for The White Stripe with all of the cheeses, including extra tallegio, ricotta and parmesan, plus red onion and lip-tingling hot honey. Grab a bowl of olives and a pickled-grape salad for the side, as well as a pot of creamy ranch dipping sauce to really make those leftover crusts sing. To sip, there’s a selection of fun wines, Franc’s own locally brewed beer, margaritas and cups of frozen limoncello.


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