Crowdfund a crazy adventure with Trevolta

Crowdfund a crazy adventure with Trevolta

While we’re becoming more accustomed to the idea that random kind-hearted folk would want to help crowdfund our creative pursuits, the idea that they would also like to fund our dreams of wanderlust is a new, and rather bizarre, concept.

Global crowdfunded travel website Trevolta is the creation of Lorette le Roux, Donovan Solms and Mark Karimov from Johannesburg, South Africa. With Trevolta, aspiring globetrotters can submit extraordinary ideas for expeditions in order to raise funds to contribute towards their trip. Projects are then backed by sponsors or other generous beings looking for marketing opportunities and brand awareness. Wanderers will contribute to the Trevolta blogs, posting photos, notes and videos along the way, garnering the attention of audiences to boost sponsorship worth.

Trevolta understands that not everyone is a daredevil, so pitched trip ideas could be extraordinarily adventurous, or simply inspiring to audiences or giving meaning to other people’s lives. Travel can also be for the purpose of research for publication, science or education. In the same way that Pozible or Kickstarter campaigns run, Trevolta campaigns see the projects offering rewards to sponsors. Got a travel dream? Maybe there’s a deep pocket out there willing to donate a helping hand.


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