Make a spectacle with Cutler and Gross

Make a spectacle with Cutler and Gross

It takes a delicate four weeks to make one pair of the classic yet cutting-edge Cutler and Gross sunglasses. This 40-year-old, London-based design house has kept the tradition of slow, precise spectacle craft alive by retaining its original 37 rigorous processes to produce each frame.

Just as a couturier hand-stitches every fine detail on a gown, Cutler and Gross, too, work to create their glasses entirely by hand, including hand tumbling and polishing. New Farm’s One Point Seven Four is home to an extensive range of high-end, classic and avant-garde sun and optical glasses, including the largest supply of Cutler and Gross in the country.

This new gallery-esque boutique is a haven for donners of spectacles, where quirky eyewear is celebrated and fashion accessories trump medical necessity.


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