The Grocer: Dukkah

A mix of nuts and spices, dukkah has immigrated from Middle Eastern cuisine to become a darling addition to the dip trays and cheese boards of Australians.

While dukkah’s ingredients can vary depending upon the preferences of its creators and its origins, the blend always consists of a mixture of nuts, herbs and spices.

To make your own dukkah, you’ll need various nuts and spices, such as sesame seeds, cumin seeds, hazelnuts, coriander seeds and peppercorns. Grind the nuts coarsely in the food processor (or in a mortar and pestle), lightly toast each of the elements and then combine.

The crunchy accompaniment can then be kept on the table, alongside a plate of roughly sliced bread and oil in which to dip. Dukkah can also be used to create a crisp coating for roasts and meats, or sprinkled over yoghurt and salads for extra texture and flavour. One recipe for Egyptian-style dukkah is featured on The Kitchn.


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